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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Running Spots

This morning's run was a beaut! The temperature was just right, sharp but fresh which helped to blow the cobwebs away and meant I started the day fresh and energised. Spotted:

  • Frothy blossom on stumpy trees like mini jets d'eaux bubbling from the earth
  • Candyfloss pink blossom peeking out from amongst their still leafless neighbours
  • Tulip buds like bullets waiting to explode into colour
  • Bonbon colored hyacinths jostling in a flower bed
  • An abandoned tiny hat and coat looking forlorn on a bench
  • Two ladies marching purposively with their doppelgänger dogs
  • Brand new sparkling red asphalt under the swings waiting for the squeals and scuffs of sky high swinging!

Wonder I will see next time?!

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